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  • Brain Based Services

    Did the 21st century creep up on your wedding business and slap you in the face? Are you still doing everything on paper? Have you yet to create a tracking system for client inquiries? Are you ...

  • Heart Based Services

    Stop struggling to reach the clients you love, stop staring at your social media wondering what to type, stop hating to blog, and never again wonder if you should or should not say something out ...

  • Face Based Services

    As a business owner you are the face of your business! Your personality, likes, and even dislikes make up the whole of your business! But do you connect your face to your marketing in a personal ...

What is a Business Architect Anyways?

Have you ever found yourself without a name? It's the weirdest position. You're not really what people call THIS things but you're also not really just THAT thing. That's where I was!   I'll tell you the story... I started working for wedding professionals as a virtual assistant in July of last year. ...


Categorizing Your Online Message

If you’re just now joining the iDo Collective Online Voice Express…. welcome! Or?? All Aboard? The last couple of weeks have been all about How to Develop Your Online Voice.   Catch up with us if you’d like by reading ...

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Using “You Win” Language

You’ve probably already heard the advice that when using copy on your website or online you should focus the words on the reader. This is the perfect time for some examples. Option 1: We provide a high tech, fully automated approach to the ...

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Finding the SOUL Behind Your Online Voice

I know… I’ve been talking a lot about your online voice. Both here and in the group Wedding Industry Opportunities and Collaborations. I’ve been showing you ways to hone in on who you are as the business owner and talk about ...

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Determining Your Online Voice for Wedding Businesses

Maybe you filled out an ideal client avatar workbook. You feel like you have a great grasp on who you want to talk to. But now you’re sitting and staring at your computer hoping that the words will come out from underneath your fingertips! ...

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How to Fly Your Freak Flag in Your Business

I know it seems strange. I mean why would you admit to the world how much you love anime, or essential oils, or extreme bird watching? You probably think it’s not a good idea to out yourself to the world.   But I beg to differ. ...

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What is a Business Architect Anyways?

Have you ever found yourself without a name? It’s the weirdest position. You’re not really what people call THIS things but you’re also not really just THAT thing. That’s where I was!   I’ll tell you the ...

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Recovering from Comparitis!

I’m recovering from a wicked case of Comparitis! You know what that is right? It’s that miserable feeling you get when you look around at everyone else’s stuff and feel inadequate. It’s the midnight trolling you do on ...

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I got laid off today…

I wrote this at midnight last night when I realized that today was the day exactly one year ago that I was laid off from my job. The response has been so profound that I felt like it needed to have a permanent place on my website. This is part ...

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On-Boarding Your Wedding Clients

Let’s talk about that one client. She texts you at 2:00 am. She responds to your emails via text. She tags you in inspirational pictures on Facebook. She thinks her wedding is the only wedding you’re working on. And you might as well ...

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Feature: Aisle Planner

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to provide some content about working with a virtual team to Aisle Planner. Using Aisle Planner as a collaboration tool with your clients isn’t new but did you know that you can also use it with ...

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