Welcome to iDo Collective! I’m Kellie.

kellie daab wedding business architect

Here’s a few things you should know about me before we go any further!

I believe the world needs more love! So my husband and I start that change by teaching my 3 kids how to fiercely love and accept others!

My work and my clients are incredibly important to me… I even dream about ways

to help them solve their business conundrums.

Every morning starts with a giant coffee cup that says “Work Hard”!

Everything about paper products makes me giddy. 

I love my “cute” crocs as much as my heels.

Oh, and I sing in the car at the top of my lungs… most of the time to Broadway Musicals.

AND… if you want to know just a basic recap of who I am? You can pretty much boil me down to these 5 words!

iDo Collective


Do I sound like someone you might like getting to know?

Awesome… read on! 

It wasn’t long ago that I was in your shoes. Trying ALL. THE. THINGS. to grow my wedding business. Over the last 12 years I have operated a boutique wedding planning and consulting company, managed in high end hospitality venues, and produced events for a multi-million dollar catering company.


In each of those positions, I helped identify areas to change and improve their message and offerings to attract modern couples and grow their revenue.

I worked all the long hours on the weekends, I answered all the client emails, I made all the mistakes, and met with all the local vendors.

In other words, I’ve worn the heels AND carried the bus tubs.

I speak bride and all things wedding.


I learned a lot of what not to do. I also learned what worked in creating meaningful relationships that convert into sales with potential clients.

Today, I use these skills to help wedding professionals who need a combination of consulting and implementation in their business.


But, I’m not a coach, or a mentor, or simply a consultant. I do so much more than that for my clients!


I provide business architecture services.


A business architect helps you to evaluate your efforts, analyze their effectiveness, make suggestions for improvements and then they help you get to work fixing them. We also help you measure if those changes are working so that we can focus our future efforts.


This means you’re not alone trying to fix the problems. I’m working, implementing, and creating for you behind the scenes of your business. You get a collaborator in your corner who’s also helping produce amazing results with advice and guidance along the way.


Business architecture is so much more than just an assistant. It’s a hands on approach to consulting that actually has a deliverable result.


‘Cause let’s face it. I won’t be able to sleep at night if you don’t see measurable results from working with me. It’s just how I’m wired. I want to dig in. I want to be a part of the production of the end product.

I want to make you and your business look amazing!


iDo Collective Mission Statement

Everything we do on a daily basis, and what we talk about the most, is client experience. I take a unique approach to crafting a client experience that builds a relationship through marketing, nourishes the relationship through booking, and maintains the delight through to the long term client referral.


We help you create a business that focuses on developing relationships and earning the referral of your clients. What your clients experience when working with you is he backbone of every decision you make for your business.


You’ll see this through the unique human approach we bring to our services. Each of our services speaks to a specific stage in the client process. By focusing on touch-points with your clients, we begin to develop a process that not only attracts your ideal clients but also encourages bookings.


I believe that you as the humanprenuer cannot separate yourself, your passions, your YOUness from your business. You are the reason your business exists. We celebrate this by associating you to the areas of your business.


It just makes sense – your business is not a house… the foundation of a solid business is in the heart of the business owner. YOU! We use your unique style and infuse it into your client experience, the language of your business, and your day to day operations.


iDo Collective Vision Statement

And that’s why our clients start loving their business and their clients again! That’s how they get unstuck! And that’s how we see LIVING BUSINESSES that THRIVE!