Boost an off season Wedding Business Intensive

You’ve been busting your butt – trying to take care of clients- just making it through until you get to the end of the wedding season.

You probably have a rolling to-do list of the things you want to fix about your business … you know… when you’re not so busy!

Maybe you’ve been looking at getting business help but you know you won’t have the time to invest in the work on your business during wedding season.

I totally get it! I remember the wave of relief I felt when I finished my last wedding of the season.

After a cocktail and a long breath out, my mind started racing about all the things I wanted to do during the “off season”!

I needed to update my contract, review my pricing, redo my collaterol, plan out my marketing strategy, and try to squeeze in some surprise and delight ideas. It’s a lot to tackle in a few short months!


That’s why I created BOOST- an off season Wedding Business Intensive!


It’s a 4 month – dig in deepget it doneget some help intensive program that walks you through 4 main business staples.


NOV- Business and Systems Audit – It’s the how’s that working for you month!


We’ll take it week by week and talk about your why, if you’re generating revenue, your systems and workflows, and productivity.


DEC- Sales & Conversion – It’s dough making month!


We’ll talk through and develop your pricing and service offerings, your value proposition, handling your client inquiries, and your sales meeting pitches.


JAN- Marketing- It’s the Get Seen Month!

You’ll develop your yearly marketing plan, update your marketing materials, schedule your yearly blog content, and even dip your toes in email marketing!


FEB- Client Experience- It’s the Mic Drop Client Care Month!


You’ll map out your client’s experience with your business, set branded touchpoints, developing your planning process, and create onbaording policies and procedures.



By the time the rings start to bling again you’ll be SO ready for your new clients!




Here’s how it works:

For only $200 monthly, ($800 in full) you’ll receive the following awesomeness!

*1 30 minute private call with iDo Collective each month. We’ll go over the monthly topic and dig into what you’re working on.

*Worksheets and Projects based on the weekly focus material.

*Weekly educational videos focused on that weeks focus materials.

*Access to the group collaboration platform where we’ll be sharing and getting feedback from the other BOOSTERS.

*1 Montly Group Call with all of the BOOSTERS. We’ll discuss the months goals and any questions or concerns you have about your projects and give each other mastermind style tips for boosting into the next month.



If you’ve been in business a few years and are ready for a refresh. This is for you.

If you aren’t afraid of digging in and pushing your business to the next level. This is for you.

If you like a little group knowledge and guidance (and maybe a little fun competition). This is for you.

If you’ rather fix your business with the help of a seasoned pro. This is for you.

If you’re tired of googling and reading a thousand best practices blog posts. This is for you.



You want your business to fix itself.

You hate constructive criticism.

You’re making all the money you could possibly want.

You’re business is already where you want it to be.

You don’t like me… hey… I’m not everyone’s cup of tea!




1. Click HERE to buy in. You’ll pay your first $200 to grab your spot!
2.Get an email that gives you all of the information you need and a link to set up all of your monthly 30 minute appointments.
3. Join the group! Your email will have all the deets!
4. Get ready to start November 1st!

BOOST an off season Wedding Business Intensive


We’re only allowing 15 businesses in this first round of BOOST! So don’t wait my friends. The spots will fill up fast!!