Brain Based Services

Did the 21st century creep up on your wedding business and slap you in the face? Are you still doing everything on paper? Have you yet to create a tracking system for client inquiries? Are you trying to figure out the best platform for managing all of your invoices, contracts, and workflows? Did I just confuse you by saying workflow?

We look at businesses as living breathing humans. Like humans businesses grow, evolve, have pains, and change. These services are all about setting up and connecting you with tools you can easily integrate into your business to increase productivity, advancement, and save money! The head of your business represent all things technology and we’ll step in by evaluating the businesses technical skills and tools.


These in-depth, brain-based services are unique to the wedding industry. We consult you through each of these areas and then provide you with a full schematic of actions and deliverables. You get the help of an experienced wedding professional and the action to get the job done! I’m not just a coach or a project manager. These services marry project management and consulting for the perfect combination of advice and action.




The Living Blueprint iDo Collective



Begin the process of converting all of your current paper fueled activities into cloud based storage and complete systems overhaul. We’ll provide for you the step by step actions, the assistance, and guide you to the best tools for creating workflows and paperless process that make your business more efficient and effective.



You know that you’re ready to being systematizing your business. You’re ready to explore many of your system options and get some help getting your client and business completely ready to go! Complete system set up is the do it for you and teach you how to do it approach to getting your business started with a top performing system. We consult with you on how what system is the best selection for your needs as well as completely set up the system to work for your current clients and business needs.



You’ve selected the system you want to use and you’re ready to get started but are finding that you don’t have the time to set it up properly. Simple system set up will get you rolling in your brand spankin’ new system in short order. We’ll enter data for your most pressing clients, set up the tools and get your initial inquiry template ready to go. Then we’ll teach you how to keep the ball rolling as you use the system more and more.



All of our pricing includes consulting time and actual virtual work for your business. Pricing is completely reliant on your specific business needs and the time it will require to produce excellent results! Individualized proposals will be sent following our initial jam session. Price ranges from $350-$2,500.

Are You Ready? iDo Collective Wedding Business Architecture

Seriously! Don’t wait another second! Getting systems set up can take some time and patience! Get the clarification, consultation, and the help you need to make the major shift!


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