What is a Business Architect Anyways?

Have you ever found yourself without a name? It’s the weirdest position. You’re not really what people call THIS things but you’re also not really just THAT thing. That’s where I was!


I’ll tell you the story…

I started working for wedding professionals as a virtual assistant in July of last year. I honestly had no idea what was I doing. Only that I knew I could help people and I needed to pay the bills.


(You probably read the story about getting laid off unexpectedly…right? If not… it was fun. NOT! woah 80’s tb… Anyways CLICK HERE to read it.)


Well it wasn’t long before I realized that I was actually consulting my clients on how to fix things that weren’t working well in their business and then I would create a plan for fixing it with them and after that I would get to work helping them fix it.


So there I was… a consulting virtual assistant? Well that doesn’t sound right! I polled my amazing group of wedding professionals. And they had words like concierge, mentor, coach, etc.


But none of that felt right at all. Because they all imply that I do one or the other. I either help you actively or advise you and send you off to do it yourself.


So I started looking outside of my industry for a name that worked. I made a giant journal page that said… WHO AM I? As I found words that fit I added them to my journal.


Until one day as I was contemplating what a contractor does and the word architect popped in my head. So “research pants me” had to look this up. And that’s when the wise old Wikipedia led me to the realization that Business Architecture was a thing! It did exist and it was exactly what I do for wedding businesses!


Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about Business Architecture:

A business architect is a practitioner of business architecture, a discipline concerned with developing and maintaining business capabilities of the enterprise in line with the corporate strategy as well as contributing to the business strategy and plans. This also includes design of capability models and related architectural solutions of business tasks, mapping capability functionality to the internal and external resources, developing business transformation plans jointly with senior business management, handling business solutions to the delivery and operational business functions of the company, developing and maintaining architectural governance and controls over implementation. For each step of the business transformation plan, business architects contribute in development of a blueprint of the enterprise in order to promote a common understanding of the organization and alignment of strategic objectives with tactical demands.[1]


Ok so that’s lots of big words for us creatives! But broken down this simply means that I help you while you’re making the big decisions, then I help you plan them out (ie: strategize), and I take it further by then activating the transformation plans. I become part of the overall development of your business by contributing back end work.


It’s the perfect explanation of what I do.


So here’s how this works:

A client calls me and says; “I need help. I feel overwhelmed and I’m just not really sure what’s going on. I’m trying lots of things. I think maybe it’s my social media. I don’t know. I’m just not booking the same kind of clients I A. want to work with or B. used to book. I know I can do so much more but I just don’t know what to do next.”


And that’s where I step in and help you identifying the real needs your business has. We create a plan and we get moving forward to putting that plan into action.


Sometimes that might be a small thing. Your business might only need help with setting up a system for tracking clients and invoices. Or maybe you need help with what happens after you book a client.. because your emails are going super crazy and you’re starting to feel that “I hate you for asking me these questions” feeling!


Maybe you can’t seem to figure out the magic beans you should swallow in order to be authentic in your business and marketing. Or how about creating a client care process that transcends to millennials. You might just need one hurdle conquered. And that is exactly what we do.


And what would an architect be without a blueprint. Blueprints are drawings of solid structures. Houses, Buildings, and hard objects. They are built with bricks and stones and wood. They don’t move… or at least you hope they don’t… they don’t breath or have success and losses. They aren’t ALIVE.


That isn’t real. Businesses are a pure representation of the owner behind them. They grow, have pains, and each of the areas of your business are a direct result of who you are! So it just made WAY more sense for the blueprint this architect creates to be LIVING! Just like you!


So that’s why I use the human form as the blueprint for your business. Once we identify the blueprint of your living business then just like architects we create a schematic of actions that actually get the job done!


And that’s exactly what we do. It’s actually easier than it sounds. Such a big word for simply a combination of consulting and action!


And that’s it. Please scroll around and check out the services we offer if you’d like. This will help you get a better feel for the way we define Wedding Business Architecture.


You might also want to look through The Living Business Blueprint for Wedding Business Success. Just to see if it might be exactly what you need to push your business into that next growth step.



What questions do you have about what a business architect does? Please ask me! Help me help you with the best information possible!