Categorizing Your Online Message

If you’re just now joining the iDo Collective Online Voice Express…. welcome! Or?? All Aboard?

The last couple of weeks have been all about How to Develop Your Online Voice.


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Alright are you all caught up? Awesome!


Now it’s time to talk about breaking down all of the YOUNESS into categories. This way you won’t ever be left wondering what to say and when to say it.


Categories allow you to have a general idea of what you might say that matches your brand voice and your personal identity.

So you might love musical theatre like I do. So, I might share an inspiration or a quote from a show. That could be considered a category. Inspirational quotes.

Break Your Message Down Into Categories!

So it might include something like

Real Life Wedding

Stylized Shoots

Day to Day (Meaning client appointments… things you fall in love with… the real side of business)


and the list goes on and on and on.


By breaking down your message into categories and placing categories into the days of the month you’ll provide a cohesive approach to the strategy of online communication. You won’t have a random post about Disney princesses when the rest of your feed is all about wedding shoes. Or you won’t overwhelm your follows with repeated or similar content because you’ll use the categories to spread your message out across an entire month.


Here’s the Step by Step of How to Get These Categories Onto Paper and Into Your Social Media



  • Educational
  • Sales
  • Real Weddings
  • Day to Day
  • Relationship Building
  • Inspirational
  • Blog Posts
  • Promotions



  • Pare down to 5 categories based on your priorities.
  • Assign a color to each category
  • Allot sticky notes or colored cards to each category following this breakdown.

1 = 10 cards     2 = 8 cards

3 = 6 cards       4 = 4 cards

5 = 2 cards



  • Post It Notes- Different Colors
  • Index Cards
  • Your Calendar and Bookings
  • Your Blog Links
  • Your Photos or Graphics
  • Poster Board or White Board… an empty wall works too!



  • Create a calendar of the next month on your board.
  • Spread the colored cards out evenly throughout the month.
  • Add in real life events from your calendar.
  • Collect blog links
  • Promotion/ Launch Plans



  • Get a scheduling app or tool.
  • Transport your categories and colors into the schedule. Stick with your themes.
  • Keep that calendar and those colored cards for next months planning.
  • Grab a glass of wine and sit down and start writing. It’s that easy!


And there you have it! That is the power of categorizing your social media. Then once you’ve done this each month go back to your calendar… use your categories and reschedule your work. I’ve helped pros do this on paper or online. It’s incredibly easy, time efficient, and completely bust the whole “don’t know what to say today” mindset!

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