Face Based Services

As a business owner you are the face of your business! Your personality, likes, and even dislikes make up the whole of your business! But do you connect your face to your marketing in a personal way? I bet you often wonder how you’re supposed to have enough time to manage your clients AND create a cohesive brand, plan for authentic content, create gorgeous marketing materials, network with potential vendor partners and referrers. Not to mention the stuff you don’t understand like email marketing, lead magnets, and effective copywriting. You just wanted to be creative and make clients happy! Right?


We look at businesses as living breathing humans. Like humans businesses grow, evolve, have pains, and change. That’s why the use the face to represent the marketing elements of your business. We’ll evaluate and plan for the marketing success of your wedding business. These services identify who you are inside of your personal brand and how to live that out in all of your materials, networking, social media, and live events. These services break down the process of marketing your business into small project based chunks. We can tackle them together one at a time or pair services together.


These in-depth, face-based services are unique to the wedding industry. We consult you through each of these areas and then provide you with a full schematic of actions and deliverables. You get the help of an experienced wedding professional and the action to get the job done! I’m not just a coach or a project manager. These services marry project management and consulting for the perfect combination of advice and action.



The Alive Schematic iDo Collective




We believe that as the owner of your business, your brand is a pure representation of who you are as a person. It looks like a trip into your dream closet and feels like your most favorite place on the planet. Your brand needs to sound like having a conversation over your favorite dinner and taste like your favorite recipe. When your brand is a true representation of you the humanpreneur, it will intrinsically begins to attract clients who get you and want to buy from you. We help you analyze what’s working and not working in your branding. Together we create new branding options down to colors, fonts, and styles. We fully develop your brand voice and personality so that it can begin to take shape in the other areas of your marketing.



The way your business presents on paper is equally as important as your website, your social media, or your networking presence. We help you create customer touch points that are memorable and perfectly branded. We create business cards, flyers, welcome packets, onboarding packets, monthly delights, opt-ins, postcards, menus, service packages, and any marketing materials your business needs to connect with clients and vendor partner. We even create branded graphics for your social media campaigns, groups, bridal shows, and special events.

Welcome Packet for Wedding Planners


Social media is the most powerful free tool for any small business. It can literally make or break the success of wedding businesses. We believe that with a good plan, an excellent understanding of your online voice, and content categories you can create high converting social media content that’s easy for you to write. We’ll help you develop your online voice, create categories to organize your content, and plan content for a year at a time. Our out of the box technique helps you to beat content confusion once and for all. We can also provide full service social media content creation and management.



The words your business uses are as important as the services you offer. But often times we’re too close to our own products that it becomes impossible to write copy that we love. We provide copy writing services for all aspects of your wedding business. From websites to brochures. Sales pages to Service Packages. Blogs, Email Templates, Newsletters, Educational Courses, and anything in between. If it needs to talk to the modern couple or to wedding professionals, we can help!



Networking can often lead to a ton of stress and flat out exhaustion. Maybe you can’t make it to every mixer. Or maybe you’d prefer to get to know your vendor partners in a more intimate environment.  Together we help you create a strategic networking plan that intentionally seeks out high yield partnerships, gives you immediate connection points, and allows you to speak confidently about your value and skill. We’ll also develop your vendor touch point strategies and how to continue to stay in the forefront of their minds. We provide you with outreach templates, conversation starters, and a strategic networking plan for your local market.


Through years of trial and error we have created a method for designing  and executing bridal show booths that leave couples and vendors buzzing. We help you take a simple thought and turn it into a highly immersive experience. Couples aren’t as readily booking on the spot. They want to go home and google you! They want to send an email. So, you have to create an experience that they won’t soon forget! Through consultation, sketches, and inspiration we help you create the concept for high converting bridal show booths that everyone will be talking about!

Bridal Show Experience

Listen to my podcast with She Creates Business all about Creating Immersive Bridal Show Experiences.


We believe that wedding businesses CAN bust through their love hate relationship with Pinterest. When you fully understand how to use Pinterest to maximize your website views, create residency in your market place, and provide you with a consistent flow of referrals, you’ll begin to love every single moment you invest in using and managing your Pinterest account. Becoming a Pinterest Powerhouse can happen through a few teaching sessions. Or maybe it means we provide a complete overhaul and management of your Pinterest account. Our knowledge of the inner workings of Pinterest will allow you to easily generate real local clients who need what you sell!



It’s important that you stay in regular contact with your mailing list. Or maybe you’re trying to create a mailing list in the first place. You’re beginning to learn more about the importance of sales funnels and email marketing in the wedding industry but you need a little help creating the campaigns, writing the content, being strategic with your content, and creating an intentional process for email marketing. We help you create the strategies you need to have effective and efficient email marketing campaigns. We help you set up the proper systems, create opt-ins, and write content for your upcoming email newsletters and sequences.


All of the listed services include a combination of consulting and implementation. During our initial jam session we’ll ask targeted questions to be sure we understand what Face Based Services best fit your need. You’ll receive a custom proposal based on your selected services. Prices range from $250 to $2,500.

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