Finding the SOUL Behind Your Online Voice

I know… I’ve been talking a lot about your online voice. Both here and in the group Wedding Industry Opportunities and Collaborations.

I’ve been showing you ways to hone in on who you are as the business owner and talk about things that normally wouldn’t be something you shared about yourself.

AND… you get it! You’re onboard. You are like… I know I know… freak flag… yadda yadda…

But what you don’t know is what that means to you!

What questions you should be asking yourself! How do you find the YOU that you should talk about? How do you create a soulful authentic connection with people who understand you?

And… even better how do you do this online where everything seems so noisy? And you’re trying to not look like the painted elephant in the corner of the room!

Well… it’s actually about digging a little deeper into why you do and feel the way that you do. It’s figuring out why you care deeply about your clients wedding. Or why you love the simplicity of black and white.

You see, there’s always a layer past just being drawn to an image or a color or a quote. There’s a reason why it speaks to you. And likely that reason is the same as your ideal clients. Because you have similar stories. You like similar things.

So, I created a heart centered guide to help you hone in on why you like the things you do. And then the words you should be using in your online presence.

Grab it here!

Once you’ve started or better yet… once you’ve completed this… and you’re wondering now what do I do!! That’s when you start breaking this down into content categories and get going with your online presence that sounds just like you!

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