How to Fly Your Freak Flag in Your Business

I know it seems strange. I mean why would you admit to the world how much you love anime, or essential oils, or extreme bird watching? You probably think it’s not a good idea to out yourself to the world.


But I beg to differ. Here’s why:


Why do you like people? Likely it’s because they believe the same things you believe. They have similar interests. And you have something to talk about!


When you’re learning about someone, what makes you want to learn more? It’s because you like what they’ve already said and you agree with it! So you want in. You want to learn more. You might even want to buy something they are selling because you believe what they say.


You see, I believe the same works for your wedding business.


We talk A LOT about your IDEAL client. But isn’t the truth that your IDEAL CLIENT is someone that you really like and can afford to pay you? That’s really what it boils down to.


So how do you attract people you like in your marketing? You fly your freak flag! Seriously… it’s that simple. You talk like yourself. You share the things you enjoy. You put out photos of the styles and trend that you love… not just the trends that you think your potential clients like.




Let me show you an example. This picture is the dates a client who went through a full re-brand and re-design of their website with me. When we first began talking she was sure that she had to make her website rustic and vintage because that was what the “current bride” wanted. But I asked her one question: If you were planning a wedding for yourself, what would it look like? She took some time to write that image down. Then we created a brand and image based on her own personal design.


And here’s what happened. We soft launched her website. Without ever announcing it on social media. There are no ads pushing to the site. There is no fanfare. No one knows anything has changed.


So here are the results:

fly your freak flag


This client received more inquiries in just a few days after launching than in the previous 2 months prior. WHAT THE WHAAA?


Honestly. This is total truth! No shenanigans. This is the power of flying your freak flag!


What’s crazy is that the so many people cannot find their freak flag. They are too afraid to let it out. Or it’s so buried under mindsets that keep them from feeling free to be authentic. Sometimes you just need someone to talk you through it. To help you identify the key aspects of your personality that you can use in your marketing and in the voice of your business.


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