Wedding Industry Opportunities and Collaborations

Wedding Industry Opportunities and Collaboration is the home of over 1,300 wedding professionals who care about collaborating, getting educated, and staying in the know of any business to business opportunities or work in the wedding industry!

Each day you’ll receive actionable conversation from our of our contributors and I step in to educate via Facebook live around once each week!

I firmly believe that bringing together smart people, partnerships, and education that we can build a community that will impact the wedding industry in an amazing way!

Come Join Us! Post a collaboration need for your next stylized shoot. Learn about marketing, or branding, or technology, and even get to know me a little better in the process!

We’re known as the group that TEACHES! It’s more than a community! It’s an education outlet.

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Wedding Industry Opportunities and Collaborations


Are you already a member of the group and need to ask a burning question but you don’t want everyone to know it’s you? Send your questions for me to post in the group for feedback… so that you can remain totally anonymous. Fill out the form below and send me along a question in the comments box. I’ll post them in the group as I receive them.