Top Hashtags for Wedding Professionals

Hashtags and Instagram. It’s the new confusion of the wedding industry. How can I convert my images into sales? And how do I get more people to see my message?

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Here’s 3 great tips from our friend Brenda Maille of Brenda’s Wedding Blog who is a ROCKSTAR when it comes to Instagram. And we’re sharing a special download just for you!

3 Quick + Easy Ways to Increase Engagement + Followers on Instagram

1. Tag vendors that are involved in the photo in both the caption and photo. If tagging only the photo – it’s likely many will never even see them as they won’t click the photo. And, secondly, if the photo should be reposted with a re-post app, the tagged accounts in the caption will be brought over with the new post. Photo tags do not transfer over in a re-post.

2. Tag the location of wedding/styled shoot/venue/etc. It’s been found that posts tagged with a location can receive 79 percent higher engagement {via hootsuite}

3. Use relevant hashtags that relate to your business and your target audience. You can use up to 30 hashtags and the best method is with several in the caption that work into the flow of your words. Then place the remaining ones in your first comment. Try to avoid the single word hashtags as there are so many in those results you will quickly be lost and never found there. Aim for hashtags that are between 10-300k. And, if using any that are under 10k but growing in usage, you can easily remain in the Top Posts for those hashtags for several days. And, another tip – try to check the hashtags before using them to be sure you want to be seen within them.

So, through our group and others I’ve collected the top industry hashtags that you are telling us that you’re using for your business. And here they are!!

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