Heart Based Services

Stop struggling to reach the clients you love, stop staring at your social media wondering what to type, stop hating to blog, and never again wonder if you should or should not say something out loud. Through this heart based approach learn how to live out your authentic self in your brand and business.

We look at businesses as living breathing humans. Like humans businesses grow, evolve, have pains, and change. We begin with the heart of your business through goal setting, envisioning, and dreaming. The following services are the beginning foundation to create a thriving business. By following the living blueprint of services you’ll be able to identify key areas of growth, success, and opportunity in your wedding business.


These in-depth, heart-based services are unique to the wedding industry. We consult you through each of these areas and then provide you with a full schematic of actions and deliverables. You get the help of an experienced wedding professional and the action to get the job done! I’m not just a coach or a project manager. These services marry project management and consulting for the perfect combination of advice and action.




The Living Blueprint iDo Collective


Identifying the Heart of Your Business

Waking up each morning you have a decision to make about why you choose to keep operating your business. In the hustle of life, and when you’re so busy answering emails and doing all the things you can easily lose sight of why you started your business in the first place. This in depth evaluation leads you back to the vision, mission, and manifesto of your business and helps you establish the basic foundations of why your business exists today! You’ll deep dive into what makes you tick as the business owner and together we’ll produce a solid understanding of the heart behind your business and produce graphics and copy you can use to describe your business.

iDo Collective Mission Statement

Identifying Your Ideal “You”!

Many times we suffer from trying to be like others. We think that in order to be competitive in the market place we have to provide similar services at similar or less expensive pricing. At iDo Collective we firmly believe that you as the business owner are the brand identity of your business. We help you identify and maximize your ideal personality and create a plan for helping you to begin attracting the ideal client. Our personal belief is that only through truly using the business owners unique traits and beliefs will you attract clients that are like you and want to buy from you. This process includes a deep dive into what makes you tick, your voice, and your branding.

Learn more about our take on being the realest you that you can be! 


Pricing is completely dependent on each client’s needs and will be determined following our initial jam session. We take into account your business needs and provide a custom proposal following our call. Price ranges from $200-$500.


Ready to get started identifying the heart of your business? It’s time already!


Invest in the following services if you’re looking to create a solid understanding of what makes you tick, why you get out of bed everyday, and why you are right person to serve the needs of your clients.


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