I got laid off today…

I wrote this at midnight last night when I realized that today was the day exactly one year ago that I was laid off from my job. The response has been so profound that I felt like it needed to have a permanent place on my website. This is part of my real life story. This is part of my why! Do you know yours?


It was exactly one year ago today that I walked into my job producing events for a catering company and was laid off.


I hadn’t even taken off my coat and was shuttled into an office where I waited for the owners son to arrive.


I had returned that day after an approved vacation to Disney World, even carrying gifts for my office mates in hand.


I had never been scolded. I’d never had a business review. When I asked what I had done wrong, they had no answer. I signed nothing. I returned to my desk to find that my boxes had already been packed. I asked again what I had done wrong. Nothing.


No answers were worse than hard answers.


I felt like I was falling… dropping to a place I’d never let myself go before. Blaming myself. Being a complete failure.


I remembered the day the sales director was scolding me for never just doing things the same way everyone else did them. You always have to find a different way of thinking don’t you? You just beat your own drum – she said!


I remember feeling like I needed to change. That clearly there was something wrong with me if I couldn’t fit their mold.


But here’s the rest of this story…


One year later, I am in a completely different place. I used to leave my house at 8:30 am with only a coffee and not return home until long after 6:00 pm. Now I slowly drink my morning coffee and cuddle with my toddler until I’m ready to get started with my day. Last Christmas I missed my sons performance in the Christmas show. This Christmas, I sat in the front row and even cooked the cast meal. I used to work every weekend and was never compensated for hours above and beyond my 40 hour work week. Now I set my schedule and work to meet the needs of my clients.


I used to be afraid to speak my mind. I used to have my ideas squelched. Now innovation and thought leadership is the backbone of my business. I barely had a voice. And now I’ve been published and featured in over 20 wedding industry media outlets and conferences including Catersource, Aisle Planner, and Huffington Post.


I used to be happy to receive a paycheck… because my bank account needed it. Today I have tripled my income from that job in less than 6 months.


You see… I got laid off today. But that was a FLIPPIN’ year ago!


Getting to here though WAS really hard. It was a ton of soul searching and light finding. There was even a lot of figuring out what I was actually great at!


I had to figure out my HEART. I had to find my unique ME! I had to own myself and stop trying to mush myself into someone else’s mold. I had to feel ok with flying my freak flag! And when I did that… When I found her. When I was able to identify her and admit her to the world…..


Then it was like stepping into the light. It was clarity and understanding.


It was like…

I don’t give a flying fart balls what YOU want ME to be. I’m going to be great! I’m going to live me out LOUD!!!!


And guess what happened?


My little VA business for wedding professionals blew up! Like into epic proportions. Into a full blown consultancy company with a team of project managers and designers. In a few short months, I established a business that made sense and helped others and it attracted MY people! And those people started raving about me to other people! And here I sit today! In my sweatpants at home… THRIVING!!!


Dear them, Thank you for laying me off today! Thanking you for forcing me to find myself. Thank you for doubting me. Thank you for reminding me I had my own drum! Thank you for ignoring me. Thank you for saying I was wrong.


Because you taught me to speak louder. To own my SH8T! To be amazing and say what I believe even if it’s controversial! Or different, or unique, or specific, or unusual, or out of the box, or not the way it’s been for 30 years!


Thank you for helping me find my HEART!


Do you understand the heart of your business? Really!? Can you trace back to your moment of epiphany that keeps you responding to wedding couples every day!?


Can you truly answer the question WHY?


I now can…


And so can you. You just have to be willing to stop hiding. You have to be willing to ROAR instead of whisper. You have to stand in the light with your arms to the sky shouting…. THIS IS MY TIME! THIS IS MY LIVING BUSINESS! AND THIS IS MY HEART! Love it… or lay it off!


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