Leg Based Services

Pretty sure you’ve got the planning down and don’t need a lot of consulting? Or are you looking for someone who just handles all the things for you and you don’t have to wonder if it’s getting done? Or maybe you just know you don’t have the time to produce the amount of content that you know is necessary to grow your business? Maybe you have something amazing coming up and you want help creating a launch process that’s totally amazing! Then these action based services are for you!


We look at businesses as living breathing humans. Like humans businesses grow, evolve, have pains, and change. These services represent¬†the legs and feet. They are taking action steps to carry out the vision by using the help of skilled wedding professionals in the back end of your business. Once we’ve completed the strategy we help wedding businesses put the systems and technologies in place to reach their goals.


These in-depth, leg-based services are unique to the wedding industry. We consult you through each of these areas and then provide you with a full action proposal. You get the help of an experienced wedding professional and the action to get the job done! I’m not just a coach or a project manager. These services marry project management and consulting for the perfect combination of advice and action.



The Alive Schematic iDo Collective


These services are completely customized to the needs of each client and their specific project. Below please find a list of the customized project management services listed.

Each requires an initial 30 minute consult to determine our next steps in partnership.

Launch Strategy Planning

Social Media Management

Market Research

Small Project Graphics

Media Kit Creation

Content Creation

Newsletters, Blog Posts, Email Marketing Sequences, Opt-Ins, Sales Pages

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