STOP! Stop right now! STOP.... ...feeling chained to your laptop! ...wasting time doing the same things over and over again! inside the wedding business box! ...hiding your true identity in your business! ...feeling discouraged! ...wondering where your next lead is coming from! ...staying up after midnight to get all of your emails answered! ...feeling like everything is a mess! ...saying I'll do that better someday... JUST STOP!

You created your wedding business as a result of your PASSION for weddings, your need to be CREATIVE, and your DESIRE to give clients an amazing product and experience! You LOVE your business and everything about the wedding industry!

But you also know that there are other areas of your business where you struggle! You need someone to help you peel back the layers, tell you what's working, what's not working, and then work together with you to help you to FIX IT! RIGHT??

I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND! Because, I was there! I tried it all. I followed everyone's best ideas, tried to stay on trend, and listened to what other wedding businesses were doing. I was also so busy meeting the needs of my clients that I didn't have time or energy to create the systems my business needed. Something needed to change.

Then I began to shed all of the WHAT IF'S or I'LL GET AROUND TO IT or ONE DAY I'LL...

Once I finally decided to fully embrace all that I was... amazing things happened! I believed and told my own story! I cleared out the mental blocks that kept me "in the box". I made intentional and meaningful connections with the right partners. I learned how to create boundaries that say NO! I was authentic and naturally attracted my ideal client. All of the sudden... I WAS FREE!

FREEDOM is why you opened the doors to your business. Right? THE FREEDOM TO CREATE! But then, actually running the business wasn't all that FUN or EASY! Paperwork, invoices, content calendars, costs of doing business, assistants, technology, blogging, ordering product, handling inventory! It's all just TOO much!

You feel like you need to be an accountant, a lawyer, a marketing specialist, a copywriter, a researcher, a blogger, and an email robot -- just to get all the things done.

Where did that feeling of freedom go?

Are you ready to reclaim your freedom?

Freedom to... create an AUTHENTIC business | be COMPLETELY YOU in your marketing and social media | use only the technology you like | BOOK your ideal clients and forget the rest | throw AWAY the "box" | STOP spending hours behind your computer | create an EASY to operate business | CHARGE WHAT YOU'RE WORTH | say NO! with grace and purpose | do something DIFFERENT than your competitors | build REAL and LASTING relationships in your market | share your unique designs with CONFIDENCE | become the SOUL and FACE of your business | GROW into new and unique ventures | spend more time being CREATIVE | attract your PEOPLE without tacky sales tactics.

As a solopreneur, you ARE your business. When you develop personally, your business grows. When you struggle, so does the structure of your wedding business. Your business is a pure reflection of you. A living, breathing, human who grows, changes, moves, breathes, and acts.

That's why so many business plans fail. You need more than just a spreadsheet, a calendar, or a word document. You need a living blueprint! A process that helps you determine who you are as the heart of your business, what you're selling, what tools are available to help you become more successful, and how to take all of those plans and plot them into actions. The Living Blueprint is business planning for creatives.

But this isn't the kind of action planning that you can download from a million other online entrepreneurial sites... Here's why!

The Living Blueprint for Wedding Business Success focuses on the idea that all businesses have human characteristics. And because every human is different, every session with the Living Blueprint will be customized to your needs, your areas of strength, and who you are as the face of your business

It's custom consulting with a creative approach. Designed specifically for wedding businesses.


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You'll first evaluate the HEART of your business. Through this session you'll develop the connection between you and the soul of the business -- your vision, mission, and manifesto for your business. This will act as the first piece of the overall living blueprint and will be the backbone of every decision made throughout the blueprint process.


Your business requires technology in order to stay relevant to your modern clients. But technology often becomes a disaster of tries, fails, and frustrations. Some systems do half of what you need, some get close, and others totally miss the mark. Others are way too much for what you actually need. You'll discuss... how to create and maximize on the systems you currently have, how to actually find and use new systems, and get rid of all of those accounts that aren't working for you!


The face of your business is your forward facing persona. It represents who and what others see in your wedding business. We'll analyze your marketing strategies and branding and evaluate how to weave your unique style into every marketing decision you make. You'll start to weed out the social media platforms you can't stand, learn how to harness the power of marketing for booking clients, and create a custom marketing plan that gives you flexibility and freedom. You'll identify. what your brand says, who your content speaks to, and how to show up in your marketing materials and online media.


You carry the weight of the success of your wedding business on your shoulders. The shoulders of your business represents the daily operations of your business. You'll create policies, boundaries and procedures that you can rely on. You'll analyze your current pricing structure and answer the question "Am I actually making money?"! You'll evaluate your productivity and workflow and create systems for daily operation that will free you from hours behind your desk and bazillions of emails!

And when you're all done?

Well... it's time for you to start taking steps to growth and freedom with your LEGS AND FEET! You'll receive an in-depth action plan that doesn't stress you out, matches your productivity plan, and is the furthest thing from a spreadsheet. We'll sketch a visual schematic of single action to single action. You won't be juggling the stress of trying to fix it all at once. This unique schematic brings action planning to a completely new and visual level.

Once you've received the entire living blueprint, you'll be able to go back, review each of the steps, and create your own action schematics over and over again. With every growth step of your business you'll have a blueprint creating guideline that transcends the traditional business plan and gives you a tangible, personal approach to business planning.

Are You Ready?

Begin your journey to freedom right now! Invest in (5) 1:1 Consultations, The Living Blueprint Workbook, and a Customized Schematic specific to the actions needed in your business. This process is a revolutionary way to take control of your wedding business. While in beta, your investment is only $900.00 payable in 3 easy installments. Grab your spot right now! Only 5 beta testers will be approved!