On-Boarding Your Wedding Clients

Onboarding New Wedding Clients

Let’s talk about that one client. She texts you at 2:00 am. She responds to your emails via text. She tags you in inspirational pictures on Facebook. She thinks her wedding is the only wedding you’re working on. And you might as well invite her to move in… she’s taking up that much time.

We’ve all experienced that kind of client, right?

So what do you do? What are you doing wrong? People should be fully aware that a text at 2 am is not appropriate and that your professional business does not operate in this way.

You’re probably asking yourself why is this happening?

Well, because your client is changing. They sleep with their cell phones, stay connected all day, are wedding planning from their smart phone, and are used to immediate response from their friends, inquiries, and google searches.

Since you’re not a robot and you’re likely a single person running a business, you are going to have to create policies and procedures that you present to your clients at the on-set of the relationship.

You have to set the standards for working with you AND you have to follow them.

Create an onboarding packet or email template that you send to clients once the contract is signed. You can deliver it to them as a downloadable pdf or a printable.

Use programs like Canva, Publisher or Adobe Suite to create a gorgeous yet telling document.

Include your policies and procedures for your business and what your client can expect when working with you.

Here’s a more detailed version. Download our free guide to what questions to ask yourself when creating your policies, what specific talking points should be included in your onboarding packet, and what questions your clients may have.

Once your packet is created. Include it in an email to clients at the time that they officially return their retainer and contract. Then follow through with the steps that you’ve laid out in the onboarding information.

Remember, it’s just as important for you to follow through with your own policies and procedures as it is for your clients to follow them. So please be sure that you CAN actually follow through before presenting this to your clients.

Want to talk more about your policies and procedures? Don’t know how to create a packet that’s visually stunning and informative? Afraid that you can’t seem to say what you mean just right?

Let’s set up a chat! We provide policies and onboarding consulting and creation of your welcome packet as part of our architecture services. CLICK HERE! 

Kellie Daab, iDo Collective