Determining Your Online Voice for Wedding Businesses

Maybe you filled out an ideal client avatar workbook.

You feel like you have a great grasp on who you want to talk to.

But now you’re sitting and staring at your computer hoping that the words will come out from underneath your fingertips!

Yep, you have an acute case of content confusion.

That’s what happens when you so badly want to say the right thing that you get caught up in your own mind and then can’t get “anything that sounds right” out! Feel me?

You have a love affair with the backspace button!

Well… I’m here to tell you that there is a cure to this disease.

It’s called…..

Giving Up!

Yep I said it.

I want you to give up trying to post what you “THINK” your ideal client wants to hear you say!

Wooooaaaahhhh… Let that soak in a sec.

Yep. Stop trying so hard.

Now, don’t get me wrong… please spell things correctly and use proper grammar. And let’s keep our dirty laundry in the hamper but… stop trying so hard to attract people.

You know the annoying guy in the bar that keeps saying outrageous things to get attention? Or that one girl you know that is so fake you literally can’t stand to be around her ???

You know them… we all know them…

When you’re spending 3 hours writing one blog post trying to use fancy words or sound like that “cooler than you” wedding pro you know, you are DOING IT WRONG!

Sorry! I said it.

Because your real online voice is your real everyday voice.

So here’s how to find the courage to actually use it in your business.


Literally… put down the Websters. Right NOW! Your people use the words you use. Stop trying to sound smart. If you can’t spell hors d’ oeuvres… neither can your client. So say passed appetizers or starters. If you don’t know the name of the flower… don’t spend three hours searching for white flower with black center… and then get it wrong. If you never say succulent in your daily conversations don’t all of the sudden use it now to describe a picture because you have nothing else to say.

Just stop! Use your own words. Do you say ya’ll? Then use ya’ll. Do you say gotcha? Are you in love with basketball? Or The Notebook? Then talk about it.

If you were hanging out at dinner, chatting with your friends, how would you talk? That is exactly the kind of language you’re looking for when talking online.


What I mean is, edit out the things you don’t like. Understanding what you don’t like is just as important as understanding what you DO like! So let’s say you just got pictures back from the photographer from your latest wedding. You don’t super like the couples style and it’s not representative of your brand. So guess what… Don’t USE THEM! Just because you worked that event does not mean you have to buy t-shirts with the images on it.

Use images and words that represent your brand. If that bubble gum pink wedding doesn’t jive with your super mod black and white feel, don’t slap it all over your online “magazine”. It isn’t going to work. Because it creates a problem…. you’re basically telling your clients that they can order McNuggets from Burger King. And that is just not possible. Nor will it return to you – long term – what you want from potential clients.

and lastly…


Did you just buy some online course from someone? Or how about a commercial you saw that made you do more research about a product. Why did you click on that last sponsored post?

There was something about that language that attracted you!

I mean, you’re still reading this post because there’s something about what I’m saying that’s resonating with you. You like the way I’m talking. You’re attracted to my not so debonair.

Or you like hearing that you should stop trying to hide behind your keyboard. It’s a message that transcends to you.

You’re likely reading because you think I have something valuable to say and you like my approach to the subject.

SO… look at what it is about the people YOU’RE attracted to. What do they say? How do they use words and phrases that influence you. What is it about that phrase or personality that you love?

Guess what? That’s probably what your potential clients think about you. Because you’re attracted to people like you… and therefore your client will be attracted to people like themselves.

Ahhh…. you’re getting it now.

Hone in on why you buy from someone. What converts your sale? It will likely be the same for your clients as well.

OK… You get it.

Need someone to talk this through with you and help you find that voice? And then figure out how to use it in your online content?

Then it’s your lucky day.

I have not spent a single dollar in advertising my business. Not kidding. Not one fb ad. Not one sponsored post. I have tripled my 9-5 income solely by tapping into my online voice and using content to drive my sales and interest. All I do is talk… like myself… and it works. And you can do that too. Once you break through the fear, the wall, the “omg I might crap my pants” feeling, you’ll see major content successes that will ultimately impact your business overall!

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