Strategic Business Planning

Dig deep to figure out exactly what is and is not working in your wedding industry business. Then begin fixing those weak areas with a solid action plan and next steps. 


Stop floundering around trying to figure out who, what, and where your business is going. Create a solid, interactive business plan to keep you on track, in the black, and constantly scaling. 


Stop spazzing out over marketing. Create a plan that encompasses how you'll use social media, email marketing, promotions, ads, listings, and content. You'll know EXACTLY what to say, where to say it, and who to say it to. 


You'll write A LOT of words before your potential client ever gives you any money. Stop guessing at what you're going to say. This content plan walks you through social media content categories, blog post titles and content, newsletter content, and featured articles. 


Wondering why they ghosted? Can't figure out how to prove value? Pretty sure you're getting compared to the lower priced competitor. Looking for a relationship with your clients, not that sleazy mattress salesman experience? The Engaged Selling process is for you! 


Do you have a defined process that every single wedding couple follows when working with your business? I know you're a creative and you like to flow with that vibe, but it's time to start flowing with a workflow that actually works! See what I did there? We'll help you create the step by step process you'll take with each client and implement time saving hacks for each step of the way. 


No one plans to fail, but maybe you've failed to plan! These yearly planning sessions dig deep [and I mean REAL deep] into your business processes and begin to develop a plan that's easy to understand, feels right to you, and is a breeze to actually follow. You become an active participant in the strategy of your business and together we create a strategic plan you'll actually use!


Through a call or a series of calls, together we'll develop the plan that's the perfect fit for you. Following the calls, the collective begins creating your editable and living document. You'll receive all information in an editable format and will be able to print, change, and develop your plan as you see fit. Once the plan is complete you'll receive email support for 4 weeks following delivery of the plan!

iDo Collective Wedding Business Marketing Services


Business Audit 

Focus in on the areas of your business that are struggling. Figure out what's working and not working. From your niche to traffic to revenue evaluation. This will help you figure out exactly what you need to do next to level up. 


iDo Collective Wedding Business Marketing Services


Business Plan

Evaluate and establish a summary of your business from its offerings, target market, operations, and revenue projections. Create the living business plan document you need to establish and legitimize your business strategy. 


iDo Collective Wedding Business Marketing Services


Marketing Plan 

The strategic and intentional approach to marketing your business. A complete marketing strategy development from your best platforms, what marketing you should pay for, and collaborations. The comprehensive living document will satisfy your marketing plan for an entire year. 


iDo Collective Wedding Business Marketing Services


Content Plan

No more staring at your screen wondering what you should write about today. This custom branded content plan can be easily printed, hung, and edited. It will satisfy your content plans for social media, blogging, opt-ins, email marketing, and more.


iDo Collective Wedding Business Marketing Services


Strategic Selling

The Engaged Selling Process is the relationship building way to meeting your client on a personal, problem solving level. You'll develop your own custom relationship selling process with custom questions, value propositions, and qualifying processes. 


iDo Collective Wedding Business Marketing Services


Client Experience Process

Never again wonder if you've dotted all of your i's or crossed all your t's with a client. Establish a client experience process that leads to streamlined client management for you, outstanding customer experiences, and raving reviews!