Shoulder Based Services

You carry the weight of your business on your shoulders? Right? You are the neck that turns the head. But you often have those speed bumps that keep you from fully executing the daily operations of your business in a way that’s efficient and productive. You struggle with pricing for profit, packaging your services, and creating the systems you need every single day for operating your business.


We look at businesses as living breathing humans. Like humans businesses grow, evolve, have pains, and change. These services evaluate and assist with the neck and shoulder of your wedding business by looking at operational pitfalls and areas for growth in your current productivity and workflow. So that the operational parts of your business continue to improve, attract clients, and creates freedom from hours behind a desk! So that you have time to do what you love! Create!


These in-depth, shoulder-based services are unique to the wedding industry. We consult you through each of these areas and then provide you with a full schematic of actions and deliverables. You get the help of an experienced wedding professional and the action to get the job done! I’m not just a coach or a project manager. These services marry project management and consulting for the perfect combination of advice and action.




The Alive Schematic iDo Collective


Are you pricing for profit? Do you even know how to be sure you’re making a profit? Is your pricing sustainable for growth? Are you creating a service structure that allows you to maximize revenue and create value based proposals. We’ll help you evaluate your current pricing structures, packaging, and proposal process. You’ll create a high converting proposal template process and set prices based on the value and skill you offer your target market.


Do you struggle with creating a productivity plan that actually works? You might do well for a few days or a week but creating a plan that actually works on a regular basis is what these services are all about. We’ll help you enact a full audit on your productivity and business process and create the action steps you’ll need to follow to fully integrate new more efficient methods for productivity in your business.


Creating the standard operation procedures of your business is a vital step creating boundaries and the work life balance ever wedding business owner needs. Through a series of consultations we help you create a living document by which the foundation of your business is built on. Once you’ve identified these policies and procedures you’ve receive a fully branded operating procedures booklet or onboarding packet using your images and portfolio.

Welcome Packet for Wedding Planners


You know those emails with the same exact questions and needs that you respond to all the time. Create templates for your response processes. Together we’ll determine what steps in your client process would greatly benefit from a highly targeted email template. We’ll use your voice and brand to craft email templates that can easily be added to your workflow system or the signature | canned responses in your email system. Together we’ll help you create the look and feel of the templates design. Create email template header and signatures and even help you load them into your workflow systems.

Each of these service offerings include hours of consultation and implementation services. Following our 30 minute jam session you’ll receive a customized proposal based on your specific needs. Pricing ranges from $250 to $2,500.

We don't plan to fail, we fail to plan by iDo Collective Wedding Business Architecture

Create operational strategies and processes that WORK! Don’t wait until you’re stuck in a rut and you aren’t booking business. Do it now and give yourself gift of extra time, freedom from midnight emails, and a sense of true accomplishment that comes from being productive!


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