iDo Collective Copywriting for Wedding Professionals

Insert something clever, wise, heartfelt with a high conversion rate here! Not a magician with the keyboard? From websites, to emails, to newsletters, and featured articles. We're here to add the spark your copy needs!


You need more than just a few blog posts here and there. In order to appear knowledgeable and current you need a library of social media content, newsletters, blog posts, and more. Let us help you develop a content library you'll be proud to share. 


You want direct access to your potential clients inbox right? Well, you have to give them a great reason to give up their precious email address. Through creation of stunning and valuable opt-ins we help you look and feel like a total opt-in boss. 


How much time do you have between the opt-in and the decision? Not much! That's why a perfectly crafted value based email marketing sequence is essential for nuturing potential clients through to the initial appointment and the sale! 


Enough Already! Stop writing the same thing over and over again. Customizable, high converting email templates is the way to revolutionize your workflow and conversions.


You have packages, services, products, or courses to sell and you want potential clients to throw their money at their computer. Just take my money... take it now! Right? We help you keep it simple and compelling while incorporating passion and reward. It's basically copy magic. And it works! 


Through a single or a series of calls we establish your voice, passion, and purpose. Then we provide quality content designed to support your goal. Our clients know that when we set to writing their copy it comes with true intuition, innovation, and a lot of spark.


The services you select will vary the process by which we follow. Everything we deliver is in a shared folder with editing options and available to until the end of time. You will receive the copy in flat file at the time of completion. Ongoing copy relationships like social media content development will be available at all times to the client and will become long term working documents. Our clients always have access to edit, re-purpose, and re-design all content we've created for them.


Because we like to keep it super simple for you and get you exactly what you need!

iDo Collective Digital Marketing Services

begins at $150

Copywriting Services

Never worry if what you're saying actually makes sense again. These copywriting services focus on your goals and brand voice to create copywriting you love and own forever.


iDo Collective Digital Marketing Services

begins at $150

Content Creation

Hate creating content but know that it's vitally important for your business? These services use your brand voice, preferred content platforms, and a lot of spunk to write amazing content that converts!


iDo Collective Digital Marketing Services


Opt-In Creation

The emails of your potential clients are like little gold nuggets of amazing. You need to get your hands on them and you want them to give them up easily! We'll help you develop copy for your opt-in design.


iDo Collective Digital Marketing Services


Email Sequences

You know you should be sending emails to your clients, especially during their buy cycle but you're not exactly sure what to say. We write your 5 email nurture sequence and drop it into your preferred email marketing system. You take over with the design from there!


iDo Collective Digital Marketing Services


Template Creation

Sure you can buy a random pack of email templates from someone who's never spoken to you, heard anything about your brand, and aren't written in your brand voice. Or you can have custom email templates written with your ideal client, process, and voice in mind. Is this really still a question?



Sales Pages

Creating a new service, product, course, or offering? I bet you're trying to figure out what to tell people about it. We'll develop the copy and layout for you to implement on your website's sales page.


We want you to love creating content again!

We write copy that makes you sit back and go... "Read 'em and weep, baby!"


We can't wait to make your copy sing... it's alright, it'll be your favorite song!